• Commemorate the speech against slavery delivered by Abraham Lincoln at the Old Court House in Dayton, Ohio on September 17, 1859.
  • Educate schoolchildren and adults about this pivotal time in our history and Lincoln’s vital role in saving our nation.
  • Inspire our community to follow Lincoln’s example of compassion, patriotism, equality, and justice for all.
  • Build upon and complement the Old Court House and development of downtown Dayton with a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln.

President: Diane Buchanan Johnson

Phone: 937 477 7866

Fundraiser: Regina Payne

Phone: (937) 432-9334

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Mailing Address:

The Lincoln Society of Dayton

P.O. Box 658

Dayton, OH 45409

The drawing on the right by Lloyd Ostendorf renders Mr. Lincoln making political speeches in the fall of 1859. We can identify the location of this speech at Dayton, Ohio because the Montgomery County Court House in the background of the drawing stands today. These speeches reviewed the arguments Mr. Lincoln had made during the previous year, in the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858.